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Lost Car Keys In Oklahoma City

Replacement of your lost car key should not be a difficult task. Don't tow your car to a dealer and don't worry about your vehicle being too old to have keys cut by code. Mayfair Key & Lock Automotive Locksmith provides a mobile key making and repair service in Oklahoma City and surrounding metro area.

We have the knowledge, equipment and ability to get you back on the road. We are experienced in making keys for everything from antique cars to newer “keyless” cars. Mayfair Key & Lock Automotive Locksmith services the entire Oklahoma City Metro area.

My car key sticks or is hard to turn.

Continual use of a worn key can cause damage to your lock and could even leave you stranded. We can replace your car key or even repair your lock so it operates smoothly and no longer hard to turn.

I lost all of my car keys.

We have the equipment to make a replacement car key from our van. You do not have to tow your car to a dealer or a shop. We come to you and make the key while at the car.

My only car key was stolen.

Not only can we make you a key but also rekey your vehicle locks. Even though newer car keys have chips in them, some customers want the added security of having their locks changed. We can rekey your car and, if your vehicle is transponder equipped, can erase the stolen key from the cars computer.

I locked my keys in my car.

We have the equipment to open your car without doing damage to your door, locks, or trim.

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